COVID-19 RT-PCR Booking

PCR Testing with guaranteed results in 3 hours.

Booking your RT-PCR test is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Book your appointment

2. Pay the testing fee (online or in-office)

3. Arrive for your appointment, and quickly receive your results

Please call 613-592-0805 to book now!


Prior to entering the clinic, we will have collected your payment, your pre-screening, and your COVID testing consent form. This makes your visit run quickly and smoothly and guarantees you are in and out of our clinic in under 10 minutes.

For asymptomatic patients: On arrival, we ask that you kindly check in to the front desk. Once ready, one of our wonderful nurses will bring you back, verify your information (please keep your health card handy!), and perform a quick nasopharyngeal swab.

For symptomatic patients: Please call our office at (613) 592-0805 when you have arrived, and parked. We will then verify your information (please keep your health card handy!) and one of our wonderful nurses will be out shortly to perform a quick nasopharyngeal swab.

Once all patients in the allotted timeframe have been seen, the samples collected are brought to our on-site lab for RNA extraction and are then run through our thermocycler. On completion, your results are analyzed to determine a positive or negative status and a certificate is sent to you directly via the email you have provided in your booking information.


The lab process from start to finish takes approximately 2 hours, meaning we are able to guarantee your results within 3 hours of your appointment block (8-9 AM or 1-2 PM)!


We are currently offering PCR testing for $225.00

Due to our offering of on-site testing, we do charge a higher fee than others. This guarantees results within 3 hours of your appointment block and avoids longer 24-48 hour wait times.


We are currently only providing testing for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients: for a myriad of reasons – travel purposes, work requirements, pre-surgery, long-term care workers and visitors, etc. If you are symptomatic we kindly ask that you call our office on arrival and we will be out to swab you in your car as quickly as possible!


PCR testing for the COVID-19 virus is used to detect the presence of viral proteins from the respiratory tract and is used for diagnostic purposes, screening and surveillance. PCR testing is performed using a deep nasal swab (approximately 2.5cm) of both nostrils. Results are ready in approximately 2 hours.

** Please note that patients are responsible for confirming all requirements for their intended travel destination with the airline and/or local public health, border and customs agencies. **

If you have further questions, please call the clinic at (613) 592-0805 or email us at

To schedule a checkup, or to request other healthcare services, give us a call at 613-592-0805.