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Frequently Asked Questions

Bridlewood Medical Centre in Ottawa, ON makes it easy for you to get the information you need to make educated decisions about your care. We have prepared the answers to commonly asked questions. For more in-depth medical guidance, please schedule a visit to our centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?

We are not currently accepting patients.

Is Dr. Robert Madill retiring?

Dr. Robert Madill has retired; however, the clinic is committed to doing its part in terms of ongoing care. We have several new doctors who are accepting patients. Please contact the clinic if you are still registered Dr. Madill and we will arrange for you to meet one of our new doctors.

Do you provide newborn care?

Yes, we provide care for newborns, as well as children and adults. You can rely on us to provide quality medical care to your child—from infancy, adolescence, to adulthood.

Can I be seen in a short period of time?

We cannot guarantee that you will see your primary care physician on the same day you schedule your appointment. However, we work as a team and can receive coverage from our partnering physicians.  You can be confident that we will do everything to make sure you will be accommodated as soon as possible.

Are you open at weekends?

We are open on Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm on a walk-in basis only. This service is open to our patients only. Patients are seen on a first-come first-served basis and the doctors see a limited number of patients so turn up early to ensure you are seen.



    If your question was not addressed in our FAQ section, please call us at 613-592-0805.