Our Physicians

Meet Our Medical Staff

The physicians and healthcare staff at Bridlewood Medical Centre in Ottawa, ON are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating different illnesses. We also provide advice on disease prevention and overall health improvement.

We understand how important it is for you to be able to freely discuss your health concerns with your healthcare provider. Our physicians will truly listen to you and will not rush you through your appointments. We aim to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Physician & Nurses Biographies

Dr. Robert Yelle

Favourite part about being a doctor: Meeting people and getting to know them and their families.

Favourite movie: What About Bob

Favourite food: Maple syrup

Favourite travel destination: New Zealand

Fun fact: Although most of my tuition at McGill medical school was covered by academic scholarships, I paid the rest of my way by delivering newspapers, working as a farmhand, testing racehorses for illicit drugs, and preparing anatomy specimens for the phys ed and physiotherapy departments!

Dr. Ashraf Younan

Favourite part about being a doctor: Patient care

Favourite movie:

Favourite food: Seafood

Favourite travel destination: Spain

Fun fact: Dr. Younan loves popcorn!

Melissa Hall (RPN)

Favourite part about being a nurse: Meeting new patients and caring for them.

Favourite movie: The Goonies

Favourite food: Steak and baked potato

Favourite travel destination: Dominican Republic

Fun fact: I won a trip when I was 19 to Los Angeles, California

Cathy Nguyen (RPN)

Favourite part about being a nurse: Wearing Disney-themed scrubs and getting to know patients.

Favourite movie: The Cat Returns.

Favourite food: Flamin’ Hot Doritos.

Favourite travel location: Boston, USA

Fun fact: I used to have a cat named Luda Cris. Now I have a dog named Bailey.

Kymberly McIntosh Champagne (Practice Director)

Favourite part about working in healthcare: Being granted the opportunity to impart meaningful change and to continue to improve the physician-patient relationship, while continuing to learn and grow in my role and knowledge.

Favourite movie: Matilda

Favourite food: Sopes!

Favourite travel destination: Poland

Fun fact: I am scuba, and deep-water dive certified.